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Runner's equipment


Mandatory equipment:

- Isothermal blanket

- Forehead lamp with new batteries / 100% charged

- Mobile phone (turned on) with the SIM card which phone number was in the enrollment form

- GPS device / GPS watch / mobile phone (if a mobile phone is used for navigation, power bank is mandatory) with recorded Hriňovská stovka course (GPX)

- Streak reflective vest/streak reflex

- Bottle(s) or a hydration pack with reservoir with capacity at least 1,5 L (at least 0,5 L at the start place)

- Own cup, tumbler or flask with wide mouth 1,5 dl minimum (flasks with narrow mouth or bottle lid are not accepted)

- Identity card

- Race bib placed visibly on the front body side during the whole race duration (it will be provided by the race organizers)


Recommended equipment:

- Rainproof jacket and/or raincoat

- Packable lightweight trekking poles
- Spare batteries for the forehead lamp
- Waterproof cell phone case

- Cap or bandana 
- Elastic bandage
- Plaster
- Antiseptics (skin disinfectant)

Face mask or respirator
- Cash (EUR)
- Insurance

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