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Hriňovská stovka is a mountain ultramarathon race and long distance march for individuals, which will take place on 9.-10. September 2023. The race course with total distance 114 km is situated in the Veporské vrchy and Stolické vrchy mountains in Slovakia. The organizer of the race is o.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL in cooperation with the runners from Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Lučenec and Utekáč.

Since 2015 O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL is a member of ITRA (International Trailrunning Association).


Hriňovská stovka is a part of the Slovak Ultratrail League. Its course has been certified by ITRA (5 points).


Conditions of participation will be adjusted and published on this website based on the actual pandemic situation and measures (in case it would be required, the respective limitations would be in place).


Men 50+ (age category  - participants with age 50 years and more)

Women 50+ (age category  - participants with age 50 years and more)

​Start fee:

56 EUR for one participant 

Number of participants:

Max. 250 participants

Discounts based on ITRA performance index (category GENERAL):

Men with 700 and more points: discount 50%

Men with 800 and more points: discount 100%

Women with 550 and more points: discount 50%

Women with 650 and more points: discount 100%

Discounts are applicable only for the basic start fee (56 EUR).

How to find out the actual ITRA performance index: search with your name and surname on the  ITRA website, if your profile is found, click on it and search the New Performance Index in category GENERAL.

Check-in (where to collect your race bib):
On Friday 8. September 2023 you can pick up your race bib in the Elementary school area (Školská ulica street) between 18.00 and 22.30 CET. On Saturday 9. September 2023 morning the check-in will take place in the same building between 04.45 and 05.40 CET.

Podpolianske námestie (square) in Hriňová, on Saturday 9. September 2023 at 06.00 CET. Please come to the start place early enough.


Aid stations:

There will be aid stations with refreshments placed on the course. In the same places there will be also the checkpoints with electronic timekeeping. Here is the list of Hriňovská stovka aid stations/checkpoints including the link for online map, distance from start and time limit information.

  • K1 Táňovo, rázcestie (10,5. km) - time limit: Saturday 9. September until 08:30 CET

  • K2 Bratkovica (20. km) - time limit: Saturday 9. September until 10:45 CET

  • K3 Havrilovo (38. km) - time limit: Saturday 9. September until 15:15 CET

  • K4 Kokava nad Rimavicou - U Táni (50. km) - time limit: Saturday 9. September until 18:30 CET

  • K5 Lipové (61. km) - time limit: Saturday 9. September until 21:15 CET

  • K6 Ďubákovo (68,3. km) - time limit: Saturday 9. September until 23:15 CET

  • K7 Málinec (81. km) - time limit: Sunday 10. September until 02:30 CET

  • K8 Dobroč (96,5. km) - time limit: Sunday 10. September until 06:15 CET

  • K9 Nad Brestinou (107. km) - time limit: Sunday 10. September until 09:15 CET


Live checkpoints will be marked with labels including checkpoint number, name of the place, distance and time limit including distance and elevation to the next checkpoint with its time limit.

There will be no unstaffed checkpoints (like passwords, punches or similar). There will be at least one unannounced live checkpoint. One missing checkpoint results in disqualification of the participant.

Time limit:
The total time limit for completing the Hriňovská stovka course is 29 hours (until 11.00 CET on Sunday 10. September 2023).

The finish of Hriňovská stovka is in Hriňová in the Elementary school area (Školská street).

Please note:

The organizer reserves the right to change the course, time limits of the checkpoints and event schedule or to cancel the event (especially for participants safety reason). In such case the registered participants will be informed via e-mail.

Due to the challenging course it is strongly recommended to have at least one 100 km race completed before attending this event.

The Stolické and Veporské vrchy are one of the areas in Slovakia with brown bear appearance, as well as other wild animals.

The course is going through several hamlets (e.g. after the Diel signpost, Šutová jama, Hrnčiarky...) where it is possible to meet local dogs (sometimes not tethered).

In the passage after the highest point of the course Drahová the course follows a local marking path, which is crossing a fenced grazing on approximately 200 meters. Please ensure the small gate will be closed.


Please send us all your questions and requests only via e-mail (we don's use Facebook messages for communication). Thank you.

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