Registration for Hriňovská stovka:

You can register to Hriňovskú stovku 2021 via the Registration form until 13. June 2021 12:00 CET or until the limit of 100 participants will be reached (afterwards the registration for the waiting list will be opened).





1. The prerequisites for attending the race are minimal age of 18 years (for participation of persons with age 15-17 years see the Regulations, part I., pt. 2.)), registration via the online Registration form including payment of the participant fee and collecting the race bib (check-in) before race.

2. The condition for participation is a negative RT-PCR or LAMP test result for COVID–19 not older than 72 hours or negative antigen test result for COVID-19 not older than 24 hours. 

3. The race organizer reserves the right not to accept a registration.

4. It is strongly recommended to have at least one 100 km race completed before attending this event.

Important information:
The information marked in the Registration form with * is mandatory. In the enrollment form please use your full first name and surname (no nicknames etc.) including diacritic. The date of birth must contain also day and month, not only year, otherwise it will be not possible to send your result to the Slovak Ultratrail League and ITRA.

Due to the situation the race will take place in limited version. It is not possible to provide accommodation from Friday to Saturday in a school gymnasium, the same is valid for accommodation from Saturday to Sunday. The checkpoints will be placed in exterior, also the check-in and finish in Hriňová will be in exterior. The measures to ensure the safety for all participants, volunteers and organizers will be used during the race.

Start fee and payment:
1. The start fee for Hriňovská stovka 2021 is 35 EUR for one participant.

2. After the filled-out Registration form has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail containing the registration number and  the information about start fee payment. Therefore is necessary, that your e-mail address provided in the Registration form will be correct.

3. The start fee payment must be done as bank transfer to the Hriňovská stovka bank account in EUR currency and within the time limit for start fee payment. Cash payments and payments in other currency are not accepted.

4. The start fee can be payed also via PayPal. In such case there is an additional transfer fee 1,50 EUR. The prerequisite for PayPal payment is sending the e-mail address connected to the PayPal account of the participant to

5. The time limit for start fee payment is 7 working days since the date when e-mail containing the registration number and the information about start fee payment has been sent to you (not since the date you have opened the e-mail).

6. In case the start fee payment will be not received also within the deadline set in the reminder and there will be no e-mail communication (explanation why the start fee was not sent yet - e.g. business trip, technical problems with payment), the registration will be cancelled without further warning.

7. The start fee can not be transferred to another participant (start fee can not be sold to another person, start fee can not be bought from an enrolled participant). In case of disobedience to this rule the person will loose the possibility to participate in Hriňovská stovka.

Discounts based on ITRA performance index (category GENERAL):

Men with 700 and more points: discount 50%

Men with 800 and more points: discount 100%

Women with 550 and more points: discount 50%

Women with 650 and more points: discount 100%

Discounts are appicable only for the basic start fee (35 EUR), not for the additional fees (for Saturday check-in or for t-shirt).

How to find out the actual ITRA performance index: search with your name and surname on the  ITRA website, if your profile is found, click on it and search the New Performance Index in category GENERAL.

Participation cancellation:

1. The registration does not mean a preliminary booking of place.

2. In case you would like to cancel your participation, it is necessary to send e-mail to (participation cancellation announced verbally or via phone call or via social network is not accepted).

3. If the start fee was already payed, this will be returned to you excluding the cancellation fee of 12 EUR (cancellation fee will be subtracted from the start fee) only in case, that the information about participation cancellation was announced via e-mail to before 10. June 2021 12.00 CET (bank account number information required).