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The Hriňovská stovka course with start and finish place in Hriňová is located in the Veporské and Stolické vrchy mountains in Slovakia. The course has been certified by ITRA (5 ITRA points).

Course parameters: 114 km (distance) / +4800 m (total elevation gain)

Online course map on

GPX file for download (please use this file, not an export from the online course map)

Course description (including tourist marking colours):

Green tourist mark:

Hriňová, Podpolianske námestie (square) => Skicentrum Košútka


Own marking:

Skicentrum Košútka => ascent to Košútka (726 m) following the path on the ski slope

Green tourist mark:

Košútka (726 m) => Vrchdobroč => Táňovo, rázcestie


Red tourist mark:

Táňovo, rázcestie => Smolno => crossing of forest roads close to Chocholná


Own marking:

Crossing of forest roads close to Chocholná => Pstružno => Collective farm Látky => road nr. 526 next to the village Látky => connection to the blue tourist markapojenie


Blue tourist mark:

Connection to the blue tourist mark => Bratkovica => connection to the red tourist mark

Red tourist mark:

Connection to the red tourist mark => prameň Ipľa (the course does not go the well spring) => Čierťaž, rázcestie => Drahová, summit

Local tourist marking:

Drahová, summit => Jaseninka => Havrilovo

Blue tourist mark:

Havrilovo => Sedlo Pereš


Green tourist mark:

Sedlo Pereš => Cisárska hoľa => Cisárske sedlo => Slopovo, Laz => Kokava nad Rimavicou


Local tourist marking:

Kokava nad Rimavicou => Kečka => Farkaška => Čertove potôčky => Záklučno (Záklično) => Lipové => Diel


Red tourist mark:

Diel => Ďubákovo => Sedlo nad Ďubákovom => Jasenina => Brložno => Málinec


Blue tourist mark + own marking:

Málinec => Šutová Jama, rázcestie => Hrnčiarky


Red tourist mark:

Hrnčiarky => Kotmanová => Dobroč


Blue tourist mark + red tourist mark + own marking:

Dobroč => Hrtan => Dobroč (mountain) => Strhár => Briestina => Košútka (726 m)


Own marking:

Košútka (726 m) => down the ski slope to Skicentrum Košútka


Green tourist mark + own marking:

Skicentrum Košútka => Hriňová, elementary school area (finish)



The course, as it is usual by mountain ultramarathons, is a multi-terrain one. Significant are the large meadows. Forest paths and trails are making another part of the course. The tarmac (asphalt roads) makes about 15% of the 114 km course, the longest tarmac passage has 2,7 km (Kotmanová - Dobroč). There are no really technically difficult passages, but please, calculate with several steep ascents and descents. In the second half of the course there are three ascents about 500 m+ to  Diel, Šútova jama and Briestina.

Course Conditions and warnings (2022)

1. The course section from Drahová mountain - there are several fallen tree obstacles. In the same passage please follow the red-white plastic ribbons / black arrows on white A5 labels marking strictly. The reason is that our volunteers have found 2 places with wasps close to the path, therefore they have moved the marking a bit to the side.


2. In the forest after leaving Záklično meadow, which means close before the K5 Lipové checkpoint, please calculate with several obstacles and a more challenging terrain (again, there are several fallen trees here, our volunteers have cleared the passage).


3. At Brložno (small village in the mountains) the red marked tourist path is turning left and after running along the houses, it turns right and continues in the same way you were running before the village.  

4. Around the 100th km (Hrtan after the K8 Dobroč checkpoint) the forest road is damaged by loggers. Approx. 1km after this place the blue marked tourist path has been changed on approx. 50 meters long passage.

* The organizer reserves the right to change the course, time limits of the checkpoints. In such case the registered participants will be informed via e-mail. 

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